Quiz Society of India (QSI) is a venture to promote standardization of Quizzing and to elevate it to the level of a powerful mind game. Affiliated to IQA Asia chapter, the Society aims to set up grading of quizzes as well as to introduce a point system for quizzers. QSI is starting its activities from Kerala & within few years, depending on the response,look forward to move to other states & UTs of India. Separate registration shall be given to Quiz Masters, Quiz Organizers & Quizzers .
Every year the official district champions & state champions shall be identified based on the point system. Quizzes are graded into International, National & State levels.State level quizzes are graded in to A, B & C categories.
World Quizzing Championship (WQC) is regarded as the international Event. The toppers in each category gets 150 points & all others who have scored in it will get a fixed percentage of the topper's points, depending on their score.Like wise for National level events,toppers of each state,will get 100 points & other players will be given points depending on their score.In the case of state level events, the winners, first runners up & second runners up of an A grade quiz will be given 30, 20 & 10 points respectively.All other finalists get 5 points each. 20, 10, 5 for the top 3 respectively & 3 each for other finalists for B category quizzes. 10,5,3 for the top 3 respectively & 1 each for the other finalists for C category Quizzes. Official district & state champions are announced on the basis of total QSI points accumulated in a year.

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